Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory in most states now, and during your research of the many different type of policies that are available, comprehensive auto insurance is one you will hear often. Comprehensive auto insurance is coverage provided by the insurance agency that will pay for damages to your car caused by unknown entity, or what the insurance company deems a “act of God”. Included in this are hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, floods, vandalism, fire, theft, and other disasters. Each comprehensive coverage policy will vary from company to company and policy to policy. It is important to read what is and is not covered under your policy.

If your car is damaged or totaled by one of these occurrences, your auto insurance company will pay up to the Kelley Blue Book value of the car for repairs or replacement. Because the “unknown entity” is so open, comprehensive coverage can cover repairs of many things traditional insurance policies do not. Comprehensive coverage is usually not required under state mandatory policies, however, can be added. Those with cars under lease may be required to carry comprehensive coverage as required by their finance company. Living in an area prone to flooding or hurricanes may also warrant the addition of comprehensive coverage. Those with new vehicles or luxury cars may also want to consider comprehensive coverage.

Do not wait til it is to late! Many make the mistake of not adding comprehensive coverage and regretting it after their car is gone. What would happen if your car were to be totaled in a flood or stolen without some type of protection? The results could be devastating and you could end up with tens of thousands of dollars in damages, no vehicle, and no way to make these repairs. Comprehensive coverage eliminates the worry and keeps you protected at all times.

As with any type of auto insurance, shopping around is an important step to assure you are receiving not only the best coverage, but the best rates. Even if you have been with your auto insurance company for years, you may still be paying to much and could benefit from comparing rates. It is recommended to get atleast three quotes from different companies before choosing which company to go with. Comprehensive coverage rates vary greatly based on many factors, including prior auto insurance history, driving record, and age and type of vehicle the coverage is being added to.