Compulsive Shopping using Credit Cards during Stressful Situations

One of the frequently suggested methods for getting over a traumatic breakup is to go shopping. But what no one tells you is that the credit card bill at the end of the month after such a shopping session might land you in a second trauma! In such situations, it is better to limit your shopping to window-shopping or at the most, go for only those items which are guaranteed to make you feel better and still do not make much of an impact on your credit card bill. Again, a compulsive shopper might feel that she really needs that fifth black dress or the really expensive pair of shoes to make her feel better.

Rational thinking is not that easy in times of emotional stress. At such times, one way to prevent yourself from maxing out your credit card would be to stick to cash payments. When you are swiping your card, you really do not realize the impact that your spending can have by the end of that month when your finances are down in the dumps. When you pay by cash, it is easier for you to track your purchases and it can save as deterrent from handing out more bills at the next store. Going to the ATM and withdrawing more cash can make you think twice whether to really go for that fabulous red dress.

Or if you really have to go shopping, take along a trusted friend or relative with you who can prevent you from yielding to temptations with strict instructions for them to not let you make rash decisions. It would be also beneficial to reduce the number of credit cards that you hold to one so that you use it judiciously.

Also with the advent of online shopping, you can also shop from anywhere at any time! So it would be a good idea to find a better alternative, such as a hobby or learning a new activity which can help you get a much-needed change of scene, if that is the intention.

Compulsive shopping can lead to shopping addiction if not tackled in time. Taking some time out to reflect whether such shopping sessions really make you feel better is also needed. Is it only giving you a few minutes of happiness or did it help you resolve your problems permanently? It might be better in the longer run to find out what caused the stressful situation and how it can be made better. If you need to get professional help, it is never too late!