Concealed Weapons Law in Michigan not the Answer

Despite the growing animosity against guns, lawmakers in Michigan are still considering passing a concealed weapons law that would allow gun users to carry weapons in a discreet fashion.

I find this measure ironic as more and more shootings take place nationwide.

No one in any high political position appears to really understand the “real deal,” simply because it “is not happening in their backyard.” How can politicians clean up the present mess when they do not even take careful measures to prevent gun accidents from happening in the first place?

Okay, so they’ve added some guidelines to ensure safety – concealed weapons cannot be carried in schools, court, day care centers, sports arenas or stadiums, churches or bars. Gun boards are allowed to deny permits to mentally ill individuals and convicted felons.

After going through the whole process of puchasing a gun, it would then become a requirement for people to take gun safety courses. This would supposedly ensure safety for the gun owner and those around him.

In all honesty, what good is this going to do when there are still children gaining access to weapons? Do we want to help clean up our neighborhoods or not? Do we really want to put an end to all these unnecessary shootings? If so, the only way we can achieve peace is to put an end to handguns and change the way guns are used in our culture.

According to a news special that I watched last week on the United Kingdom’s handgun ban, the UK has made handguns illegal after two horrible incidents happened in their territory. This program stated that since this law has been passed, there have not been any more handgun-related deaths.

Gun collecting is viewed as a hobby in the UK because guns are primarily used for ceremonies.

Gun ownership is seen in the the United States as a constitutional right – a way to preserve protection.

If people weren’t so concerned with their “right” to bear arms, they would remember that I have the “right” to live in a society where I do not have to worry about being shot to death for some stupid gain.

America has to do better in trying to solve this horrible epidemic. Making a new concealed weapon law is not the answer.

Previously printed in Vol. 104, Issue 91 of the Eastern Echo by Faith Redwine.