Concerns about Giving Credit Card Information Online

Credit card information is given online everyday by millions of people.  The Internet resources have become more convenient and this includes people doing their shopping paying online.  There are sites like PayPal, and Amazon, which make a person feel more secure about their transactions, but there are still concerns about giving credit card information online.

1.  If someone gives their credit card information out online, it could be seen by others.  There are plenty of people who have no security program on their computer to stop hackers, and if this is the case, there is a good chance someone is watching every transaction made.  Furthermore, if a person does have an anti-virus program, they are still at risk.  There are some sites that have no security certificate, and others that have one, but are not backed by a reputable company.  When this is the case, and credit card information is entered, there is a big concern that the number could be seen by another person and then used by them to buy whatever they want.

2.  When someone gives their card out online, that means it could be in the computer for all employees to use.  This is different when a person goes to a store and swipes the card, because it doesn’t detail all the information.  However, if an employee gets mad with a company and wants to get revenge on that employer, all they have to do is pull the credit records and they have all that information.  When a credit card information is given out online, all information is required, and that goes to the company, which is probably stored in their database.  This should be a concern that someone should have before using their card online.

3.  One concern with giving out credit card information online is that if there is some glitch in the system, the card could be charged twice.  This is a possibility in the store as well, but the problem is sometimes the Internet connection is lost in the middle of a transaction and a person is not sure if the transaction went through so they try to process it again.  Sometimes, this results in the card being charged twice. 

Using a credit card online is safe for the most part, as long as a person knows who they are dealing with and have the proper security software installed.