Connecticut Auto Insurance

One of the most competitive businesses these days is insurance and the car insurance business is perhaps the competitive. Technology has increased the competition for insurers by making online insurance an actuality. Sites which compare insurance company bids and provide customers with the best options have increased the competition for auto insurers. It would appear that insurance companies have become involved in an insurance price war. Options are changed and added. New plans to appeal to various niche markets and special offers in an effort to woo new customers are only some of the carrots offered to lure new customers and entice old ones to return. Creative enticements range from discounts for bundling to credit card points, air miles, free gas, emergency trunk kits and restaurant gift cards.

Because rates and allowable deductions and driving records change it is a wise to check auto insurance rates every year. The make and year of the insured vehicle, how long you have insured with a company, whether you drive to work, miles driven each year and age may well be factors affecting your car insurance rates. If nothing else, you will be confident after your fact-finding mission that you are already getting the best car insurance rate.

Gaining in popularity is an option called pay-as-you-drive. If you have a car where the company can track your driving record via GPS like On Star, you may opt to pay insurance based on the miles you drive and your safe driving record. Based on this information, your insurance may be raised or lowered. Things considered in this data are: miles driven, type of driving, braking patterns, reaction time, avoiding collisions, speed.

Teens are traditionally penalized because of their age. Statistically, they are more likely to be involved in accidents and get speeding tickets and be cited for traffic violations. The teen age group might benefit from the insurance company’s use of driver data. If they are shown to be safe drivers their car insurance rates may be lowered.

Many like the pay-as-you-drive option. They like to think they will be rewarded for their personal good driving record that than being penalized for bad driving habits of others. Some are appalled that the auto insurance companies can legally collect this private information. Older drivers fear that it is part of a plan to get them out from behind the wheel of their beloved vehicles. Both groups argue that the collection and use of such data is a blatant invasion of privacy.

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