Constitutional Contract Law

The liberal media, and liberal politicians have suffered a serious disconnect with the majority of Americans. Since liberalism resides within the Democratic party, they suffer the same malaise. There is ample proof of the harm done by this unhealthy alliance.

Our country is overwhelmingly opposed to “gay” marriage, yet it is championed by liberals, and their press agents, the media. Anyone who opposes abortion on religious grounds is attacked by the liberal press as a right wing Conservative with a devious religious agenda. Those who believe in keeping American traditions such as the Pledge of Alligence, and/or prayer in public education are bombarded with accusations of all sorts. Maybe our traditions mean nothing to liberals, but they darn sure do to the majority of Americans!

I have heard reports that claim 85% of major media news people fall into the liberal category, which is far from representative of the general population. This liberal bias as such does not concern me, excepting that it now colors their reports. Journalists of past decades faithfully reported all sides to their stories, today’s journalists feel entitled to express their own views as they report. Compare Dan Rather to Chet Huntley or David Brinkley if you miss my point.

Personally, I want no bias of any sort to flavor my news. The world views us by the news stories generated at the national level. Is it any wonder why some religious fanatics abroad view us as devils? After all, it would appear to the world that we do not believe in any traditional values. The liberal media is a bigger problem than many realize. The tainted view of America works against us, and distorts who America is; you, me, and our neighbors. We just want to live peacefully, and to pursue the American Dream. I sure wish the media would reflect us accurately!