Constitutional Contract Law

Yes, malpractice is a huge issue in this Country.
But what are all the reasons behind it?
One reason in my opinion is about money hungry Americans that are looking for an easy big buck but what about the real malpractice that is taking place on a daily basis?
Who needs to take responsibility for that?
What about the diagnosis that is wrong?
Say for instance a patient goes into the Dr. and tells the Dr. that they have crawling and biting sensations inside and outside the skin, fibers and crystals coming from the skin. On top of which they are having chronic pain, intense itching and they are losing their eye sight. They are having cognitive and short term memory problems as well.
Now, would it be fair to say that the Dr. has an obligation to start testing for anything medical/physical that could be causing these symptoms?
In my opinion, I would say, yes. There is an obligation.
We go to the Dr. to get help and we trust that they have our best interest at heart but do they really?
In my experience and in well over 9,000 others ranging from babies to the elderly that have been suffering the same symptoms these Dr.’s (internal medicine, dermatologists etc.)have diagnosed patients DOP ( Delusions of Parasitosis).
This is on the first and second visit without following the criteria of a DOP diagnosis.
Diagnosing DOP takes several months and these physicians are not psychiatrists.
So, is this malpractice?
Now, back to the patient. What about the patients health? Do we just ignore them? Letting them suffer and slip through the cracks and what are the parents supposed to do that have children suffering with the same symptoms?
Our health system is in a real crisis and while I do understand that it may be a scary business for the Dr.’s and what they are facing with malpractice I think the bigger picture and problem is …
What about the patients that are suffering and not being treated?
What would you do if you had a child that was suffering with these conditions and your Dr. told you that your child was DOP without taking full responsibility of following the correct procedures? Would you just stand by and watch your child suffer and watch his/her health fail or would you do something about it? Would you give your child psychotic medications which is exactly what is happening.
This is what is happening.
I ask you again…. Is this considered malpractice?
Malpractice is happening and I challenge any Dr. in this Country to take a real look at your patients and really listen in regards to the symptoms and the suffering that the patients are going through.
Take a look at yourself and what is happening in this Country.
I cannot believe that this is happening in our Country!
There is a disease that is inflicting thousands of Americans.
This disease is called Morgellons.
Dr.’s…YOU, took an oath. Why is it is okay for you to brake that oath?
I challenge any Dr. to take a look at this problem.
If you are a Dr. and you are unwilling to take this serious…
You have no business practicing medicine at all.
Malpractice? YES indeed!