Constitutional Contract Law

‘We the people’; the first lines in the preamble of the Constitution are profound words that have significant meaning. The preamble signifies the hopes and dreams for a better nation. No longer to be ruled by the edicts of kings half the world away. Instead one that looks inward for its strengths with an obligation for all, not simply for the current generation but posterity’s sake as well.

The preamble reaffirmed beliefs in a nation ruled by the people. The time period in which the Constitution was drafted, the idea that a government could be ruled by citizens was unheard of. Most governments were monarchies and the liberties that people had were granted by the benevolence of the government. Instead in the American system the order became reversed and the power came from those formally ruled. Our forefathers had faith that if given the chance people could and would be willing to self-govern.

America’s forefathers experience with a monarchy convinced them that true liberty was only possible if the people were the force behind the government. As a result the opening lines highlight that intention. It is true that at the time of ratification that there were many excluded groups. However, the Constitution was one of the most liberal documents that the world had ever known to that point in time. The seeds for the freedoms that we all enjoy today were sown in those three simple words ‘we the people.’

Every person in the United States has a right to participate in our government. It was amazing when the constitution and it is still amazing today, that people from such diverse belief systems and backgrounds can come together as one and have a say in our system. The exchange of ideas is what helped build America into what it is today. The United States is one of the greatest and most unique places on Earth. Not because the government bestows its blessings on the people but it is because the people bestow are blessing to each other and the government.

The hopes of the new nation for a better future are captured as well. A society ruled by justice guaranteeing liberties for all while limiting the power of government. The Constitution serves to deliberately limit the power of government between three branches. It also established a system in where states were granted certain powers to further limit federal power. Rule of law established rights for all citizens and the separation of power was designed to ensure the federal government would not become so powerful that it could threaten individual liberty. History shows that the biggest fear of our forefathers was the government not the people. Only through limiting federal and state power could a people every truly be free.

The preamble highlights the hope for a united people bound together for the good of all. The government was obligated to defend all citizens and promote the general welfare of all. Welfare not in the sense it is used today. The government was to ensure that the law was applied equal and that the rights of one man were not limited as to hamper his security and welfare. Other writings of the time in addition to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence seem to make it clear that each person should be able to pursue their destiny uninhibited by government burden.