Constitutional Contract Law

All the debate over gun control is just another subject to push back and forth before the public and tear our country apart while doing nothing about other issues. The subject should be right v. wrong and/or love v. hatred in the way we deal with one another.

I myself would never own a gun, I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to use one, and I would never shoot at an animal, bird or another human being.However, there are people who do hunt, and I am sure most of them know how to use guns and that is the only thing they will use them for.

Unfortunately, when it comes to using it for a crime, if someone wants to shoot someone else you can be sure they will get that gun, legally or illegally. If they can’t get their hands on a gun they will use a knife, a rope, ax, hammer, rock, bomb or any other weapons they can find including their hands.

Therefore the issue is not gun control and how it can be enforced, it should be anger control and how that can be overcome, where people learn respect for each other. No amount of laws made or taken away will ever replace love for one another. People who are so filled with anger need to be taught how to control their emotions, to seek help and/or find creative ways of using up their frustrations, not destroying things which TV and games are so good at teaching them.

The other cause of violence is drugs, why isn’t there as much debate in our government in trying to have stricter laws regarding drugs, keeping them out of the country, more movies and information about the damage drugs can do and more reaching out in preventing more people from becoming addicted to the drugs. Drugs are the leading causes of crime in the world, people who need their next fix and don’t have the money to pay for them, so they get illegal guns so they can steal and sometimes murder for that fix. I would bet there isn’t a family in the world that hasn’t been affected by drugs, either by having someone hooked on drugs in their family or has been a victim of a crime because of someone’s need for their fix. Think about it, I’ll bet you can name people from the poorest families to the richest families, and the richest usually have enough money to pay for their drugs, but the drugs affect their minds and cause them to kill themselves or someone else.

Therefore, a thousand gun control laws will not stop these tragedies from taken place.