Constitutional Contract Law

Yes, these are trying times. Why? In our society here in America survival is not a trial we suffer. Any one can walk along the street and find enough change to buy a loaf of bread. There really is no reason for a person to NOT be able to survive, other than their own will. So what is our trial? Why are these such trying times? I am afraid the answer is not one most will want to hear. This is only my opinion BUT, I think it is safe to say, we did it. We suffer greatly in this country from our own sins of omission! We have snuggly nestled into a comfort zone we create every time we actually open our eyes to see what is really going on in the world. We quickly shut our sights back down so not to see such ugliness. Then, without second thought those ugly sights are forgotten. Justifying such action with ignorance. This is not bliss! For decades now as we have watched the casualties of such ignorance pile up over and over again. Nobody noticed and if they did they didn’t care. This country has produced a generation of people who have placed too much faith in our government. The best government is less government. This has been forgotten. Our youths individualism is slowly being sucked right out of them. It is much easier to mold the young ones into the shape big bro wants to see them in. For the good of the people? Hell no! For the profit margin increase, for the mighty vote, to increase the arsenal being built up from repression. Propaganda being the mighty sword that cuts those ties that bind us into unity. Teaching our youth to, “Do as we say, not as your parents do, for they are wrong. So come to us and let us bring you to the light”. Making it a law to wear uniforms at school so our children slowly loose their insight to their own individuality, easier to mold that way. Forcing U.A.s on our kids to stay in school as if they are convicted felons. Being labeled as being guilty with out a fact one. It is sad to say but our rights are being ripped away from us daily and I see no concern for this. Every time you turn around there is another bill being introduced or passed taking more and more of our freedom away. Yet, we sit and do nothing? I understand the feeling of being insignificant, hands tied, fate, difference of opinion etc. We must remember nothing is insignificant and we are one with the universe we all have the ability to make a change for the better, we just need to care! We need to show we care not just for us but for our legacy. I fear for my grandchildren. Are we going to let it get to the point we fear to make a move for being reprimanded for it? Will one of my children get caught smoking in their car and their child taken from them due to smoke exposure or something as idiotic as that? Please do not laugh it can happen. It has happened already and right in your front yard! We are foolish to think any property line can give to us any form of protection. We gave up our right to bare arms when we accepted the registering of our guns. To me, the most disgusting immoral individual is one who uses the virtue of the voter with lies and deceit. Our government is the hunter and our individual rights are its prey. For what reason? Could it be the government really cares about our own personal salvation and wants to guide us towards eternal life? Maybe our government is deeply I mean DEEPLY concerned for our safety and well being, for our health. Come on now can we really believe such nonsense? Of course we CAN, this is America right? Right! We have that right to go about our business as if this is paradise. We do still possess the right to allow the fall of this great nation. That is what will occur for we gave up our control as a people of this great nation. As we st rived for more and more and more we lost the most precious commodity, our rights! Now that we failed ourselves so miserably how can we be a benefit to any one else? Are we and do we care?