Constitutional Contract Law

Liberal media is a destructive and damaging entity that erodes society from within. It lacks balance, is based on populist rhetoric that lacks any real mechanism for acceptance of responsibility. A significant fault of liberal media is that democratic countries now face the threat of having their freedoms turned against them because of blind adherence to the values of liberalism at the cost of truth.

The power of the press is an undisputed force to be reckoned with in terms of directing policy and legislation. Unfortunately there are too many occasions where this power is abused, particularly where the personal agenda of reporters and editors become biased. Facts are omitted, or selectively used to distort the truth and we end up with some very bad policy decisions. To cite examples of this, we only need to look at the current debate on climate change. That we are undergoing a change in weather patterns is not in dispute yet the liberals have hijacked the agenda and tied what is demonstrably a natural phenomenon to the environmental bandwagon. Any voices of reason that refute popular liberal opinion are silenced by ridicule, and of course the truth is suppressed at the cost of ego.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the liberal press support and promotion of multicultural societies was a flawed and inherently dangerous fantasy that in reality is now proving highly destructive. By denial of our own culture and promoting belief that society must accept all other cultures without question has now opened the door to totally incompatible culture that is damaging the fabric of democracy through the imposition of violence and abhorrent practices that were previously unknown. To voice dissent became criminal as laws passed began to take their toll against any who dared to stand up and criticise popular opinion.

Liberalism in the media is inward and self-serving because it only voices popular opinion based in many cases on the insulated world of academia. Debating societies and so-called tolerant acceptance of all practices in the interest of diversity are now so institutionalised that it will be difficult to undo damage caused by allowing our unity to fall apart.

It was the events of September 11 in 2001 that opened the eyes of many to the possibility that a completely liberal and permissive society may not be such a good idea. Six years later and it is fast becoming obvious that the lesson was not learned because the liberal media is again promoting trendy and so-called progressive’ society engineering, and voicing such fantasy in the ranting of opinionated columnists. The appalling lack of balance is dangerous and no political party have the courage to do anything beyond reinforcing their own positions of power and privilege.