Constitutional Contract Law

Convicted felons owning guns. What a thought to send a chill down your spine.

In any that considers the right to “bear arms” as one of it’s core values, denying that right to any individual must be considered not just under that particular individuals right, but also, the right each of us have to live in peace. Permitting those convicted of a violent crime to carry a weapon simply does not grant me that feeling of peace.

However, before making a decision on whether a person should be granted the right to carry a weapon, one must first evaluate the possibility of whether that person will be responsible in their usage of a weapon, or if there exists a possibility they will use that weapon in a manner which would violate the rights of someone else.

In this particular scenario, the person desiring a weapon has been convicted of a felony. By definition, a felony is a crime that shows extreme disregard for the rights of others. In essence, this person has been convicted of some behavior that showed contempt towards a fellow human being.

If this felon is armed, will their next act of contempt be the shooting of an innocent person?

This persons history shows that they are capable of violence, thus, to protect the rights of other individuals, we should not permit convicted felons to own a gun. The safety of our neighborhood, and the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” does not include living your life in fear of your next-door-neighbor.