Constitutional Contract Law

I suppose I should step out from the honorable ranks of the mighty “silent majority” and comment here. This article should be re-named the case against “any-ism” in the media. The media should exist as a trusted, dignified institution dealing in facts and relevant information. It has instead, devolved into a virtual free-for-all, allowing anybody with a nice suit, and the backing of wealthy,like-minded producers to bash, slander, and out-and-out lie about anyone who’s ideas run contrary to that of their puppet-masters. I always thought the media was tasked with the noble burden of truth saying. Instead I see, (every day) irresponsible, unethical reporters making insane leaps of logic in an effort to slant reality, oversimplify complex issues and forward agendas. One need only look as far as “Rathergate”. A trusted, thirty-plus year veteran of the news game, tacks his name to a shoddily researched, erroneous story. Upon the publics discovery of certain facts not being facts, and certain documents having a questionable and untraceable origin, he does not even apologize. He simply states that although his sources were unverifiable, and his condemning documents were quite probably fake, the overall root of the story was genuine. Holy cow! how is that even acceptable? Picture this: a policeman stands before a judge and says “Well your honor, we didn’t have a search warrant, and we planted evidence on the defendant, but the point is, he’s a really bad guy.” Is that acceptable by any standard? The answer is, a resounding “heck no”. Another fine example is the reports of “Koran abuse” in American P.O.W camps that caused riots and deaths around the Muslim world. Upon further review, it turns out that those stories weren’t really verifiable either. Let me interrupt right here and ask a question; When the network big-wigs approved this garbage , did anyone stop and ask “How the hell can you flush a book down a toilet? Is this real?” Again, nobody was in a hurry to apologize for the riots and death. I guess they were just so happy to have taken another shot at our troops, they weren’t too concerned over such frivolities as “integrity” or “responsibility”. I’m done watching the news. News is not news anymore. It’s the vitriolic diatribes of pundits masquerading as informers, the Anti-American hatespeech of an army of starry-eyed ideologues telling anyone who has the audacity to love traditional values, that they are racist, elitist, money-hungry evangelicals. Where is the compassion and understanding so often advertised by liberal culture? Is that only reserved for those who share their world view? I can appreciate anyone with the courage to want to make positive change in this backwards world, but not at the expense of the truth, or the dignity and respect an informed citizen should afford another person with differing views in a free society. Reporters, newscasters, please…..if you want to be a pundit, be a pundit. If you want to protest, protest. But don’t pretend to be the guardians of truth if you are so willing to sacrifice integrity in furthering your cause. We American yokels see what you are doing. In other words…”us un-educated rednecks is smarter than you think.”