Constitutional Contract Law

The issue of constitution in a country is important like a blood to the living soul. Thus, it is vital discussion to the citizen of a country. Indeed, it is like newborn baby that need proper attention to if the child want to be survived. Moreover, constitution itself may be defined as the whole body of fundamental laws, customs, convention,principles,rules and regulation according to which a particular government of a country operates.

The impact of constitution in a country are as follows
Firstly, it names the organs of government and specifies their function and relation to one another. thus, it is constitution that enable citizen of a country to the term legislature. Legislature as a organ of government that is assigned the function of law making. it has different names in different country. For instance, in Nigeria it is called National or state assembly, Parliamentary as in Uk,congress as United State of America)
Legislature perform that roles of law making, amendment of the constitution , control of executive, probe function, removal of the president and judges and control of public expenditures. We have two type of legislatures such as UNICAMERAL: it occur in a country where there only one legislature body that makes law such country like Ghana, Kenya and Sierra Leone. BICAMERAL :It refers to legislature with two legislature houses. it under goes two chambers of reading the bill before it assent by the president country like Nigeria, United State of America. Moreover, Executive is another organ of government that responsible for the implementation, execution of laws, policies and directives made and given by the legislature. It performs the role of execution of laws, giving assent to bills, maintenance of law and order, provision of welfare service and general administration. In deed, Judiciary is the third organ of government that responsible for interpretation and application of law when they are broken. It performs function of interpretation of law , punishment of law breakers, protection of citizen right and guardian of the constitution.
Another impact of constitution is that it state the document that specifies the type and characteristics of government either unitary, federal, presidential or cabinet system of government a country can adopt. It is constitution that educate the people to know the type of government that exist or operate in their respective countries. Similarly, it show guide line operation to the country on the system of government that exist in a country.
In addition, it is constitution that help to know that no organ of government should exceed the power allocated to it. Furthermore, it protect the right and set liberties of an individual in a country. ” where there is no law, there is no sin” it is constitution that made mode of seeking redress when one’s individual right are infringed upon. It help to what is legal or illegal in any transaction or business.
Moreover, it brings about political stability i.e state the mode of changing the government peacefully and declaring any violent means like coup and so on unconstitutional. In deed, it state the stipulated time of tenure in an office in order to avoid clashes or riot in a country. Morestill, it prevent leaders from becoming too powerful and dictatorial for example ( a case of President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo he tried to elongated the time of his tenure in office after constitution stated four year of two times of tenure, he tried to amend the constitution by making to five years of one tenure meanwhile, with the aid of constitution it is not possible for such dictatorial leaders. Similarly, it constitution serves as a symbol of nationhood and sovereignty.
Lastly, constitution specifies the modus of operandi of a government. It gives the government in power on what and specifies the rules in which people of a country are to be governed.

In conclusion, there is no shadow of doubth in my mind that any citizens of this great country knows the roles constitutions plays in their country.