Constitutional Contract Law

Picture this: The year is 2015 and Congress, under our new independent president, nullifies the second amendment. The people of America now have no right to own weapons. At first the people of the United States believe that this law is the only way to go. One man says “Weapons are the scum of the earth and we as a People need to rid ourselves of them”. The general mindset of the American people is this. Three years passes and our independent president is now trying his best to dismantle our Government. Another year and he has taken complete control of our country and all of its people. The same man quoted above is heard later saying “We must rise up against our oppressive leader, and the only way is with force”. In response one person in the crown shouts “But all our weapons were taken from us when second amendment was taken out!”. And so as the years pass our new Dictator slowly takes more and more of our constitutional right away and we are helpless because we have no right to bear arms.

The second amendment states that we as a country and as individuals should be able to protect ourselves from threats to our government and ourselves. When we give up that right by saying that it is outdated, we give up our right to have a free State. If we were to have lost the second amendment before 9/11, we would have had no basis on which to fight back. And, so, we would’ve lost our ability to protect ourselves.

In conclusion, the Second Amendment will never be out of date unless we are willing to submit ourselves to an outside authority or even an authority within us that we cannot control and have no power in. The Second Amendment is Not out of date and will never be.