Constitutional Contract Law

Standing up for your rights could be very difficult. And it could be a lonely fight. Before you start,be sure you are really decided and persevere no matter what.

The US has gone a long way since the time of civil right clashes. What I mean is now even the minorities are discriminating other minorities. It does not mean that the whites or Anglos have stopped doing it either.

Without naming names, a very dear person of mine recently was discriminated. Although she is white, she belongs to a protected country of origin.Her supervisor prevented her from being considered for promotion although she is the most qualified. She even have to officially applied for the position that she has been denied blatantly. Even with that, she was eliminated from the final list. She has all the posted requirement for the job and more.

The problem is the supervisor was supported blindly by the administration. She was humiliated and retaliated on. She filed for Grievances and went through the process but a 5-week process went to 5-months. Finally she has to go to EEOC, or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. That was a job by itself: you have to convince them aggressively for them to take your case.

The problem today is, even people who believe in equality discourage you in pursuing such. Some encourage you but don’t want to get involved. Some believe in it but they say that one or two persons can’t possibly make any difference. They say you cannot fight “City hall.” It really feels that way. I sometimes cite Dr. Martin Luther King and even some blacks say that by doing what he did, he destroy his family!

So, before you go for it, you have to really decide to fight to the end. They will stonewall, and try to destroy you and your resolve; that’s why very few people go all the way. You could lose your job and friends. It is a lonely battle. And you know what: the person who discriminated her is a woman of color!

But we should always fight for our rights to make this world a better place to be!