Constitutional Contract Law

The scary part of the phrase “Gun Control” to me isn’t the Gun part, no it the word next to it I am leery of. If one would search out the matter even further he would see that most people fall into those two categories, the “Gun-scared” people or the “Control-scared” crowd. The militia argument is faulty due to the fact the the Constitution states, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Its the people whom are given the sovereignty, not the government and even though the National Guard is supposed to be the entity of the states, in our modern centralized government the states mostly do what the federal wills (i.e. Nation Guard in Iraq). Now if you’re a “Gun-scared” person you probably have seen or understand the amazing destruction some of these weapons can produce, and so you wish to limit or ban their use. You want laws like background checks and anti-felon legislation. You assume that if there is this law or that regulation, then people will stop doing senseless acts of violence(especially with guns). If you are a “control-scared” individual then you see such laws as governmental attempts to subvert your freedom. You probably grew up around guns and perhaps even own a few. Your right to own firearms gives you security and a feeling of individualism(just like owning property perhaps).

Don’t lose me now(what do guns and property have in common) my point is that government isn’t allow to touch either. You can own a gun and buy some land and they are your’s. If the government wishes to do something they must seek your permission (Constitutionally they cannot undermined your sovereignty). Any control of such rights is infringement. Now how much infringement depends on your overall political persuasion, but its control none the less. Personally do I think we need to have fully automatic weapons in the hands of weekend hunters? No of course not, but is the second amendment still valid? I think so. I believe one can mandate as many laws and restrictions they wished to try and stop crime or murder or bank robbers or drug smugglers, but what about quiet disgruntled college students who went through all the proper channels to purchase a firearm and then decided to go on a shooting spree at school? Some would say more laws and more restrictions, while others would look to the individual and realize that the world sometimes doesn’t make sense and that doesn’t mean their rights should be infringed. Personally I belong to the latter group.