Constitutional Contract Law

“Politics is the last resort of a scoundrel” a popular quote quite often used when we talk of mean politics. It is not recent but it is there as far as our memory goes! Kautilya was a minister during Gupta’s dynasty. He was a shrewd diplomat and wrote extensively on diplomacy sounding like Machiavelli.

There is nothing out of the way for  of politicians as they are capable of making and unmaking. Honest and decent politics can’t be there because it is a cut-throat profession formed by the party hungry for power. All their efforts are to store their votes in the party’s bank and loot public money.

To get votes by honest means is not possible because people are divided by caste, community, religion etc. This plays a crucial role in creating a vote bank. Several issues will come up during elections.

Gentlemen cannot indulge in such practices and therefore seasoned politicians hire bad men or people with a villainous temperament who are prepared to face the worst. They are hired and heavily paid. They even act as their body-guards. They are by nature criminals and they are protected by the party when they form the government .

These bad guys can get a lot of votes and whoever gives them more money they get more support. This is the practise in developing countries. Their general literacy is low and therefore the bad guys take advantage of their ignorance. Bad guys  dictate terms to the politicians who are bad guys by intent!

They need votes and they don’t mind even adopting unscrupulous methods even succumbing to the most heinous practices. The politicians become bad guys as they oblige the bad guys by doing them undue favours. They get listed in the bad company and they make the beginning and end up with criminal records.

Governments fall like nine pins when the people running the Government are exposed. Look at Libya and Egypt. What is happening in Syria and the latest casualty is Turkey. If there are bad politicians they are destined to fall and they will be exposed sooner or later.

Bad guys in one party search for bad men in another party and they form a party and call it a third front or give it a new name to catch the eye of the voter. They pose as if they are fighting for the poor people and care for the happiness of the poor and down-trodden. It remains just a slogan and not beyond that.