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Indian Tiger Welfare Society

Indian Tiger Welfare Society is an independent conservation organisation that is dedicated to the cause of tigers particularly Indian tiger. The organisation was founded to address the problems that are posing dangers to the survival of tigers. The organisation is ably run by people who are nature lovers and share the global concerns of protecting the endangered species.

The team at Indian Tiger Welfare Society is a blend of young and old-energy and experience. The team members are biologists, volunteers and professionals from other fields. The organisation has a huge network of professionals where members work together in a coordinated manner. Each member lends his/her expertise to realise the goals of the organisation.

Method of action
The organisation endeavours to provide a better future to tigers by spreading awareness among the masses. It regularly organizes seminars, distributes pamphlets and indulges in extensive web activism to spread awareness about the issues that need to be addressed. The organisation owes its existence to the vast support and patronage showed to it by volunteers and general masses. The organisation has also joined hands with some of the organisations that work on the same front.

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