Countries for Foreigners

The best places that American retirees should look for are the places that aren’t financially demanding. Additionally, areas that have a low crime rate indicate the peacefulness of the place and the power of law enforcement.

Some retirees may just look for the countries with the best beaches and the best views; they come in a country as a tourist. Being a tourist isn’t exactly the best approach for an American retiree looking for a country to move to. He or she has to approach his search looking at the long run. To illustrate, how is he or she going to live in the area when most of his retirement bonus has dried up, and after all the going out and partying in expensive hot-spots?

Third-world countries aren’t exactly perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful place to stay. Population density also matters; retirees don’t necessarily want to live in a place where people are just flying everywhere. As an American, you may like to be free of the crowded streets that you encountered as a city worker. You may also like to live in a place where the air is clean and the skies are blue. Move to the tropics? Perhaps that is a good idea, but not perfect. Tropical countries may be sunny all year, but that also means that you have to get used to the heat that would just torture you at night when you don’t have air-conditioning.

Here are a few of the best countries to move to for American retirees: 

1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the top vacation sites in the world. If you’re an American who loves to get into a new culture while enjoying great sites and stay in a pollution-free environment, Thailand is the way to go.

2. Italy

It may be expensive to live in Italy, but the sights you see in this country are priceless. Being at a fruitful age means you get a chance to reach your artistic inner self, and all of this is manifested in Italy.

3. Germany

If you’re an American with a whole lot of health problems, Germany must be the place for you. Germany is foremost in the world in terms of medical technology, so you’ll surely get taken care of well. 

4. Malaysia

Malaysia enables American retirees to widen their cultural circle. The sights at night are also wonderful. Malaysia just has the color of Asia all over it; this enables visitors and retirees to experience the whole continent by just visiting a single country.

5. Philippines

If you want to establish a business and live in prosperity for the rest of your days, while enjoying the sun every morning, the Philippines is a good place to move into. The cost of living is very low, and the beaches are just wonderful.