Coupon Clipping Tips

Most people like to save money, period. That is really all there is to be said about money. Okay, maybe there is a little more that can be said, at least when it comes to the topic of coupons. There are some tips that help you get the most out your next coupon session (searching, clipping and organizing).

*When searching for coupons online or in the Sunday paper, only look for useful ones. There really is no point in clipping/printing coupons for items or services you do not use or need. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of spotting a good deal, however, it really is not a good deal if it for something useless to you and your family. So you can get a free bag of cat food with the purchase of one, great! Well, it is not so great if you do not have a cat or even know someone with a cat. You get the idea.

*For people on a budget, it is really hard to make ends meet and coupons can help in a big way. This is why it is important to check out the deal offered on the coupon. In other words, read the fine print. Sometimes the coupon is for a certain size or variety of a product, so be sure you will actually like and use the specified type. Another thing to check for is the actual price of the item in the store’s weekly circular ad. If the item is listed in the circular, on sale, then you might really be able to get a good deal when you add the coupon. Note: some stores do not allow coupons to be used on sale items. Be sure to ask first.

*Check the expiration dates on the coupons. Make sure to cycle the oldest ones to the front of the stack. There is no reason to clip coupons if you are not able to use them before the expiration date. A month can go by quicker than you might think! Keeping your coupons rotated and using them promptly will also save you the embarrassment of trying to use an expired coupon.

*Organize your coupons. There are cute little coupon organizers available to make this chore a lot easier for you. Separate the coupons into categories like “breakfast”, “laundry” and “toiletries” for easy reference if you do not have an organizer. Bundle each category together with paper clips. Another simple idea is to take the photo insert from a wallet and use the pages for the different categories of coupons. The point is to keep your coupons organized so you know where each type of coupon is when you go shopping the next time.

*The last tip offered is to not forget to take your coupons with you! You can go through the effort of searching, clipping and organizing your coupons but it does no good if you forget them at home. A suggestion here is each time you finish a coupon session, put your coupons in your purse, jacket or by the door so you will not leave them at home.

People have been using coupons for years and years. It is a fun weekend activity for some people to have coupon sessions. They get together with friends and/or family members and make a morning or afternoon of it, complete with snacks and scissors! Seriously though, it takes awhile to get into the “coupon” frame of mind. You may know it is a good idea to use coupons, but forget to clip them or bring them with you when you go to the store. Following the tips mentioned above can help you out a little bit.