Coupon Organizing 101

Coupons save the consumer money, when used in purchasing items in the grocery, department, or even discount stores. According to, coupons increase business for a store. The site states that 87% of all shoppers use coupons.

Coupons cannot be used if they are not organized properly. Here is a primer of how to organize coupons for restaurants, grocery stores, or even discount stores. 

First of all, purchase newspapers and magazines that frequently offer coupons.  Newspapers usually print coupons in their Sunday edition.  The coupon savings outweigh the cost of the paper. 

There are many magazines that feature coupons. “All You” is a magazine that has many features, along with coupons for many products. You can subscribe on a yearly basis, or purchase a copy of the grocery or discount store.

After you cut out the coupons that you think you will use, place them in different piles. These piles should be health and beauty, pet food, beverages, breakfast foods, dairy, meats, vegetables, and sauces.  Place all snack items in one pile, also.

It is very convenient to purchase a small coupon holder at a store. They are inexpensive and have partitions for each of the above mentioned items.

There are some stores that offer rewards cards. They allow you to go to their site and load the coupons onto the card. Conveniently, when you purchase the product, the coupons are already on the card. You will receive the discounted coupon price, without having to clip a coupon.Some stores that offer this convenience are Giant Eagle and Krogers.

Coupons are available on various coupon sites, also. One of these is There are many coupon clubs, one of them is available on Face book under coupon clippers. Many communities offer coupon swap events. If it is not available in your community, you can start one in your neighborhood.

After you have sorted the coupons into categories, file them in your coupon holder. If you do not have one of these, make an envelope for each of the categories. You can bundle the coupons together with a rubber band.

Check periodically to see if the coupons are current. Usually coupons expire on the 15th or the end of the month. Check the dates before using the coupon.

Some stores offer double coupons. This increases the coupon savings. Look at store ads either on line or in a circular. Check the specials and see if you have a coupon for the item on sale. Sometimes, doubling coupons, means getting an item for free or next to nothing.

Be sure and put your coupons in your purse. You cannot save money if you do not have the coupon readily available.

Make sure that when you clip coupons, only clip the items that you normally would purchase. Coupon swap clubs offer unused coupons to their members.  This is a good way to get additional savings on items that you frequently purchase.