Covered Call Investments 2008 Red vs Blue Analysis

One of the many great excitements of the current times are the elections. Candidates bickering back and forth who can fix what and how. What we all care about the most is who can make us the most money, using the fastest and easiest way humanly possible. The big problem with this great money making “excitement” is that big economic downfall the united states of America is in right now, but if you only look further as in how they are looking into solving this problem you will start to see the huge money exchange that goes with the amazing problem solving scheme. It is as simple as learning where they will raise prices, taxes, etc. and invest in the companies that make the big profits. For example the Democrats always turn towards raising every tax they can think of. The Republicans are always the ones to make promises in fixing the economic problems and never really do anything major to drastically change the economy and make companies and investors thousands of dollars. the best way to go if the republicans win the elections is to find a low company such as a companies dealing with loans, real estate, etc. and invest in them at their lowest point and as the republicans slowly bring back the struggling economy with it your investments will grow and you will then begin to make your money. The better way to go about making money and the faster way is with the radical democrats and their dramatic economic problem solving ideas. The democrats will prove to be the best and fastest way possibly to make your thousands. So if the democrats succeed in their campaign and they win the election start investing in products that have taxes that are able and companies that are willing to “jack up” these hidden taxes in part with consumers that are more than willing to buy large amounts of products and shovel out the cold hard cash. “The devil’s in the details,” and that is exactly where and how to get your money in this horrible economy if the elections turn towards the democrats. Companies that sell gas, liquor, common food,etc will be profit big from the state forcing huge taxes and consumers are then forced to spend these high prices at the benefit of the investors along with benefit of the country. So when your watching these elections and they progress more and more remember where to put your money and with great planning and simple knowledge of politics you can “make it big” in this poor economy and still find one of the few ways to make some money while we are in this slump. So don’t sit around getting caught up in just the elections, because there is money to be made in the short amount of time and it is happening right now, and isn’t going to happen again.So watch closely and always invest wisely.