Credit Card Debt

Paying off a credit card is a difficult task, but a necessary one when trying to reach a financial stability. Owing a credit card company money is a terrible position to be in and it won’t be easy to get out of. However, there are steps you can take to efficiently eliminate your credit card debt.

1. Sort out all of your debts and list them in the order of interest. Debts that are accruing the most interest need to be paid off first so that your debt doesn’t increase.

2. Budget very strictly to maximize the amount of money you can spend on paying off debt each month. The most money you spend initially the faster your debt will shrink.

3. For every dollar you pay off, put it back into your debt. If you pay off any single debt, don’t stop your budgeting and don’t stop paying off the bills because your situation is better. Every debt you pay off is more freed income to spend on your other debts.

4. Pay off debt fast. Remember that for every month you fail to pay off your debt it will only get bigger. If you pay only a dollar more than your payment, that’s one dollar less that will be accruing interest.

5. Get help. There are many companies and processes that you can go through to get help paying off your debt. The company you owe money may even offer a lower payment or something to help you. Remember, they want to get your money any way possible.

6. Stop credit purchases. When you’re already in debt DO NOT buy anything with other credit cards. If you don’t have the money to make a purchase, which you obviously don’t, then don’t make the purchase. Credit cards should only be used when you know the money’s coming but you need the purchase right now, not when you know the money’s coming but the money’s going to go straight to bills instead of paying off this purchase.

Credit card debt is a tricky hole to find yourself in, but that doesn’t mean its hopeless, don’t just pay the minimum payments and don’t just sit around and be idle. Take control of your finances and dig yourself out of the hole you’ve found yourself in. There are many people who are willing to help you, find them and work with them.