Credit Card for Phone

Do you own a small business?  Have you gone through struggling with trying to afford offering credit card payments from your customers?  Are you in the field quite a bit, or doing trade shows where you wish you didn’t have to lug around a cumbersome credit card machine or write down the customer’s banking information at the risk of having it lost or stolen?  If any, or all, of these scenarios fit your circumstance, you will be pleased to discover a new product that is out on the market.

A new smart phone device just made it easier for small business owners to receive payments on the go.  If you are a small business owner, you know how cumbersome it can be to make it easy for customers to pay through credit and debit cards.  Intuit GoPayment is a new idea.  Find out more, here: .  It is a device that allows you to receive credit card payments on the go.  If you have a mobile phone, it’s a very easy step to add this convenience.

You can simply slide the customer’s card through the Intuit GoPayment device and the process is complete.  Check out all of the features of this new technology has to offer.  A device specially designed for Bluetooth devices is also available.  Once payment is made, a proof of payment receipt is immediately sent to the customer’s email where they can print it off on a home computer.

Intuit GoPayment is affordable, and on top of that, the company is offering a coupon code for additional savings.  Get your coupon code at the above link.

The benefits to the small business owner are numerous.  For starters, you can accept payments immediately, right there out in the field, without waiting to get back to your office only to receive a phone call from the customer telling you he has changed his mind.  You are free to accept payments on location, such as at a community or business fair.  It makes it fast and convenient for the customer to make a decision and buy your product or make a payment right on the spot.

Technology is great when it works.  And, this is one time technology has improved the life for a small business owner with ease and affordability.  Don’t take my word for it.  If you are a small business owner, find out for yourself.  Get all the facts about the new Intuit GoPayment system and then try it out to see if it benefits you.