Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips

No one wants to be a victim of credit card fraud.  Unfortunately, it does happen.  There are things that both consumers with credit cards as well as companies can do in order to minimize the occurrence of credit card fraud.  The following are some of these strategies.

One step that businesses can take is to check for photo Ids.  This is not foolproof because some advanced criminals perpetrating credit card fraud will actually attain fake IDs made to go along with the credit card, but it does cut down on it significantly.  It will help if the person has just stolen a credit card and is racing out to use it before the person stops the card.  It is less likely that the person is committing fraud if they are able to produce an authentic ID.

Another thing that businesses should be vigilant about is keeping their credit card numbers safe.  This is especially important if you do business on the Internet and have a large amount of credit card numbers coming through there.  If someone breaks into that information, they may be able to steal a lot of credit card numbers with which to commit fraud.

A consumer should be very careful with his or her credit card.  They should make sure to keep it in a safe place so that someone else doesn’t get the number.  Remember, just because you still physically have the card doesn’t mean that the number is safe.  Sometimes people will steal a wallet, write down the credit card number and then purposely return the credit card so that the person thinks it is safe and doesn’t stop it.  If you are at all worried that your credit card number has been compromised you should immediately stop the card.  Yes, it is a hassle, but it is much better than suddenly having a ton of charges show up under your name and then needing to deal with that as well as possible damage to your credit. 

It is also very important for a consumer to be sure that any businesses he or she gives the card is trustworthy.  Again, you must be very careful with this regarding the Internet because that is somewhere where people can steal credit card numbers.

Credit card companies can also help in the fight against credit card fraud by tracking purchases and making inquiries whenever something seems very far out of line.

By taking the above steps everyone can work together to prevent credit card fraud.