Credit Card Safety best Practices to keep your Account Secure

Routine behaviors and  consistent  practices are needed in order to protect credit cards. Additional measures are needed to limit the temptation for those that are sophisticated in the practice of theft. Precautions can become a safety routine that prevents the professional thieves from identifying you as their potential victim.

*When removing a credit card from your wallet, hold your wallet in hand until the cashier returns your card and then place it back in my wallet before leaving the store.

*Keep your pocketbook on your person at all times, with a zippered or closed top as to prevent a slight of hand. Wear your pocketbook over your shoulder or secure the handle to your wrist.

*Avoid leaving a pocketbook when stepping away from a shopping cart. Carry shopping lists and coupons in your hand or pockets so as to not enter into your pocketbook or purse.

*After completing your shopping trip and returning to your car, check your wallet and receipts to see that every thing is as it should be. This way over charges can be corrected and you will be aware if you do not have your credit card.

*Check your bank account or credit card charges to see they are as they should be within 24 hours. Notify your bank or credit card company immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity.

* Use only famiar and secure shopping sites when using your credit card on the Internet.

Some additional measures to protect your belongings.

If your GPS is portable remove it from your car, take it with you or place it in the trunk or securely hide it under seat. Especially when parking in airports or unfamiliar locations, or when having your car serviced . This is also important while on vacation. According to some, thieves have been known to check the “home” button and advise other thieves of your address and its possible vacancy.

Keep all receipts from every transaction made. Receipts are helpful in tracking down details related to time, location and personnel that were involved in any transaction. Or you can add the info yourself.

Any fraudulent bank or credit card transactions requires that you also file a police report. They will work together with your bank or credit card company in the legal pursuit of the person involved and the necessary criminal charges.

The old saying “ You can’t be too careful” has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning for many of us.