Credit Card Safety how to Check your Statements

Although credit cards have a place in today’s society, they can also cause various problems for the user. Identity theft has risen sharply and there have been cases where someones credit card details have been stolen and unexpected purchases have appeared on their credit card statements. Anytime that your credit card is out of sight this can happen. For example the waiter at the restaurant may come to your table to collect payment for the meal. He takes your credit card to the till with the bill and in that short space of time can copy your details instantly using today’s sophisticated software and equipment. Similarly fraud can happen once you have made a purchase over the telephone and given out your card details. That person can then use the same details to purchase over the phone themselves. So security is important, as is knowing exactly what you have spent, where and one what.

I find that the easiest way to check credit card statements is to be rigorous with receipts. I use a piece of software on my computer which enables me to balance my credits and debits in all my accounts. I try to log receipts instantly onto my computer and then store them away in a box file. I have had credit cards now for about 20 years and have never experienced any problems.

Before I used a computer, I just kept all of my receipts and ticked them off against the statement each month. This is not as time consuming as it sounds and really worth the time and effort.

Using the computer these days I also check that the correct charges have been deducted. If you don’t at least give this a cursory glance you could loose a lot of money this way.Be thorough when you check your statement as a small purchase may seal through unchecked. Once the person has succeeded they may try again but with a more expensive purchase.

Some items you have purchased may have been over the telephone and the receipt will arrive later or with the goods. In this case, make a note, as soon as possible, of your transaction. You will need the date, details of where you have shopped and the amount you have spent. If you keep an eye on your credit card account on a regular basis it is really very easy. If you are unfortunate and find an unknown purchase on your card, and if you suspect fraud, you will be able to contact the company speedily and get a good result. If you are in doubt about any amount on your credit card bill investigate sooner rather than later.