Credit Card Safety how to Check your Statements

Credit card safety is a huge issue today, with identity theft continually on the rise and most people carrying and using two to three credit cards. One important aspect of being safe with your credit cards is to take time to read over your statements carefully. Here is the simple process my wife and I follow that has kept us safe and at peace.

Keep all of your receipts. Throw none of them away. There are many viable approaches to this, and we have tried several, but simplest is always best. Simplest is best because this is not a habit most people are in, so keeping it easy will aid in developing such a habit. So we have a corkboard with long push pins. Every day, if we have used the credit card, we stick it on the top of the credit card receipt pile that is pinned to the cork board. If you use multiple cards, then have a designated space for each pile. This is easy as pie and it automatically sorts your receipts from oldest to newest.

Your statement is one of the greatest weapons you have in credit card safety. Every event, all activity, is recorded there. So instead of just check the balance, the amount due, and the date it is due, go snag your pile of receipts and check each purchase against your receipts. Circle any questionable purchases. Follow up on anything you don’t understand.

We must remember that we are talking about a vital subject here. If we do not practice good credit card habits, our credit rating can be affected and our ability to buy a home or a car can be damaged. So keep your receipts and read your statement as if you are going to be tested on it. Don’t give up the fight.