Credit Card Safety why you should Sign your Card

When your lovely new credit card arrives in the post, or via the courier, it is so easy to slip it into a drawer and forget about it. This may be because it is a card that you no longer use, or that it is a replacement for a card which will shortly be out of date, but not yet. However signing your card as soon as possible is vital. I also feel that it is important to destroy cards that you are no longer going to use as a double precaution.

Fair enough these days you do sometimes also have to call a phone number to activate your card, but this process is still relatively easy for a fraudster to do. He or she then can be spending, spending and spending on your card before you are even aware that the card has gone.

Here are the two most obvious and important reasons to sign your credit card.

Your card is not valid until you sign it and so you will be unable to use it. If you were to try and sign a blank card in a shop you would possibly find yourself accused of fraud. So get it signed immediately upon receipt and you are ready to go .

If you lose an unsigned card or have it stolen it could cause you huge problems. Apart from the fact that someone could sign the back and have a whale of a time at your expense, you may be liable for the debt, or at the very least part of it, due to your neglect. Signing your credit card, I believe, is part of your agreement with the credit company.

Overall a credit card is not valid if it is unsigned. If you produce it in a store without realizing that you have not signed it, you will probably have to produce identification also. This could prove troublesome especially if you are in a hurry. If you are not carrying any identification you could end up with a whole lot of hassle.

So don’t delay, get it signed today. I think that would be a great slogan for credit cards. Do it as soon as you receive the card. If, then, the card becomes mislaid or worse still stolen your signature may make it a little harder for the finder or thief to use your card. After all, why have a credit card if you aren’t going to use it. It is much better to be safe and not sorry.