Critique of the Motor Vehicle Officials Drivers License Checklist

Currently the California Driver’s License Checklist has a numerous of issues to finish it completely the aricle would have to be done within a series. Regardless of where or whom you speek to it seems that everyone has a story that if you have even a small doubt will prove exactly how unorganized and even illogical the entire state of this department. The very best example, I would like to share is a person experience it all began that my car was broken into and along with my purse, that included my checkbook. It was at this moment I personnel experienced the worst policy unless you are just a simply boried individual whom discides that for no reason you want to go get a spare license incase you have the one in your pocket lost or stolen someday, I waited in line at the information desk. Waited for my number to called, it was only about 20 minutes when I heard I was to go to window 3. I handed the representative the form letting her know I had to replace my stolen Driver’s license. Right here is when she said “Can I see you ID.” I triied to explain again that It had been stolen, but what I recieved was a letter stating that I needed to Social Security that they need a verification that I was who I said I was. Now this is where I begin to get irrated when I finally got to the Social Security Department I couldn’t even get in the door due to the terrorist attacts and the president placing us on the Orange Level warning and security. To enter a government building you have to show an ID. So I have to go back to DVM. I made these types of trips three more times. Until I finaly got so upset at the counter asking for the suppervisior and the representative that was helping me refused me. Insisting I needed my photo ID. To this day I still wondering if there is even one Californian that is honestly so incredibily boried they will stand waiting at the DMV to get a spare License just incase they loose one? I understand this policy when your renew your license but if it was stolen. I mean if I had an photo ID it wouldn’t be stole I wouldn’t be here. After talking to the supervisior she tried to explain that is was due to my birthdate had changed. Now I have had the same birthdate for 36 years and my social security number along with all the other information had not changed in the last decade. It took me over three weeks to get it sorted out. Was the flustration worth the simple fact that the criminal had no one problem cashing checks threw out our county, using my ID. Maybe it would of been less of a hassel if next time I simply discide to become you, at least if I took I your purse I’d have an ID to use to get another ID. (OK that’s not a good joke)