Cutting Household Expenses

Many of people seeking the American Dream in this economy need to understand that the true definition of The American Dream is a stable job that supports a home and a family. However, in today’s economy, those who need to figure out the how to in cutting expenses to basically live, can take the following steps to save money through budget planning.

1. Make a list of your household expenses. Include food, utilities, repairs and maintenance.

2. Get the entire family involved, including your children. Have a meeting with your family about budgeting along with educating your children the importance of budgeting.

3. You can cut your heating bill simply by inspecting your own windows, sealants and set a comfortable temperature that will heat your home. There is that old saying many of us hear if you are cold, put a sweater on. Consider that saying words of wisdom. Make sure your furnace or any other heating source is properly maintained as well.

People forget the importance of mechanical maintenance, however it is important to be sure the furnace or electrical heating source is working properly. If your source of heat is electric, the advantage is you can control every room’s thermostat. Additionally, if you have a plug in device, when not in use, unplug it. When things are left plugged in, electricity is still feeding the wire.

4. Clothes are grand, until you see the price tag. When shopping for clothes, check the clearance rack. Believe it or not, what you see on sale today does go on the clearance rack within 2 months. Reuse what already fits. When it comes to clothing shopping, make a list with two columns need and wish list in The Future. A wish list will satisfy the want to have feeling when the truth you need to ask yourself is, do you really need It? There are also consignment shops to consider as well.

5. Food is a necessity. Cut Coupons; look at your local stores sales. Sometimes you will save more money by shopping at the grocery store that doubles the coupon in savings. Don’t always assume you save more at stores that advertise spend less, save more, remember those slogans are called Marketing. If you have left overs, don’t waist them, eat them or compose a new dish with your left over meals.

6. Although the cost of gas for a vehicle has decreased in some states, it still remains high. Remember the more you drive, the more you need to fill up. With kids, they make plans to go out with friends. Connect with the other parents and ask them to share pickups and drop offs with you. Don’t always be the taxi driver for both pick up and drop off on the same day/night. Be sure to tell your kids what car pooling means.

7. How did anyone survive before inventing the clothing dryer? It is called hang drying your cloths. It still works today, indoors and outdoors. If it’s sunny and warm, why not use this method. Consider it an energy efficient cloths dryer.

8. Take shorter showers, that is, cut your shower time by a few minutes. Saving water not only saves your water expense, but where the water comes from too. And when it comes to washing dishes remember Palmolive does wonders for your hands. A dishwasher runs in cycles, which means a dishwasher uses more water and electricity.

9. Phone, cable and Internet services Did you know that companies are now offering bundle packs that will save you money in the monthly expenses of all three? Bundle packages are one plan, one bill, one large savings.

10. Not in the room, then tell the room you have left by shutting lights and closing doors.

11. It is worth the money to purchase energy saving light bulbs and recycle anything that can be used again or bottle deposit items.

The American Dream also means we need to pay to live. If these few tips can help you save more, it may just help you plan your rainy day fund as well. Simple tips will reduce expenses if you commit yourself by following your household budget along with educating and getting the entire family involved.