Deals at the Borders e Bookstore

We all want a good deal on books, especially if you constantly purchase them. Now you can also get excellent deals on brand new books from the Borders e-Bookstore.

Check ‘weekly deals’
Borders have weekly deals where you can find many deals on books and music and can save you a significant amount of money instead of purchasing for full price. The downside is you may not find the book that you particularly wanted, however you can expand your reading horizons with all the books and music they have on offer depending on the time of year.

Purchase in quantities
Take advantage of shipping, especially if you are shipping on faster delivery options as these usually cost money. Instead of paying for shipping for each book separately, add all the books you want to your cart and purchase them. This way you will save money and that you have a collection of books that you can read without having to wait for delivery.

Free shipping
Borders e-Bookstore offer standard delivery on orders over $25 dollars, if you are fine with having standard delivery, again order in bulk so you can save money and not have to pay a single dime for your books and music items to be shipped. You can also just spend over $25 every time you shop online and this can tide you over!

Borders Rewards System
If you are a frequent buyer of Border’s book and spend in the region of $150 per year, then you should definitely consider joining their rewards program. You will be able to get discounts of books that are only available to those who are part of the Borders rewards scheme. If you do spend $150 you get $5 in reward to spend at the store or online, this may seem a small amount as it is just over 3% however you do get many offers daily being available to you including a free gift on your birthday!

Discount Codes
If you see or find any discount codes for the Borders e-Bookstore make sure you use it at your next purchase; you can sometimes find them online if you search for them, but be careful as a lot of them are expired so check the expiration date first.

You can find good deals on new books online you just have to do a bit of searching and you’ll get and find the books that you want to read.