Deals to be had are found everywhere in a recession

Since the “Great Recession of 2008” bargains can be found everywhere. Although “everywhere” is a broad description, there really are many locations where shoppers can find really good stuff at a really low price.

Are you in the market for new or used items? Are you a collector of art, jewelry and/or pottery; or a combination of all three? Where can you find those items?

Used items

Used items and even new items can be found at estate sales, yard sales and at thrift stores if you look hard enough. You can also find nice items at antique stores, flea markets and from ads placed in newspapers by private citizens who live in your area. Pawn shops also allow potential buyers to make offers on items at a price less than marked.

Fire arms, jewelry, musical instruments and tools are among the most common items that you will find in pawn shops. Watches, knives and electronic equipment such as stereos, radios and televisions are also often available.

Bargain locations and sales

You also have to know where you can purchase items for the best price. For example, going to yard sales and estate sales affords the opportunity to get real bargains for furniture, household goods, appliances, rugs and even jewelry and watches.

Flea market vendors have a great deal of other items as well. These include pottery, toys, vinyl records and other music media. Tools, various antiques such as old clocks, paintings, pictures and silver or gold jewelry are also found at flea markets.

If you are searching for new items, there is no shortage of retail stores. For instance, deals can be had in a shopping mall, at free standing retailers or in a strip malls where you will get as much as 50 percent off the retail price of almost any new item that is on sale. Moreover, clearance items can be marked down by as much as 70 percent.

Economics and retail sales

Economic conditions have also forced liquidation sales upon unfortunate businesses. While these sales don’t occur in the happiest of circumstances and don’t typically re-occur at the same location, they do provide another opportunity to purchase items for less. 

Even the so called “big box” stores have closed in some areas where the cost of doing business is too high or revenue is too low to remain profitable. These companies have lost money and no longer want to keep that particular location open for business. Sometimes this leaves many vacant stores within shopping malls, which in turn can lower leasing costs and possibly competitive pricing on items.

There is no doubt that the multinational corporations are responsible for the “Great Recession of 2008.” Millions of Americans are unemployed or have dropped out of the workforce making a lower standard of living and scaled down living more common. It can be said this is a result of the greed of the owners and the controllers of multinational corporations. That is a fact, and it is also a fact that the elected U.S. politicians have not done enough to bring outsourced jobs back to the United States of America.

It is also arguable that the economy of the United States of America has not improved since 2008 or at least doesn’t feel that way per CNN. Worse yet, it is possibly only a matter of time before the country goes into a deep economic depression that will be as bad as “The Great Depression of 1929” because 1929 was the year that the stock market collapsed. During such times, being able to live within a tight budget and find deals is often a necessity.

Will the once great United States of America become a “banana republic” where standard of living is reduced substantially? Only time will tell, and only the people can force our elected politicians, together with those owners and those controllers of multinational corporations, to once again create more manufacturing jobs and U.S. made products. The result of such, helps put people back to work again and provides incomes that reduce the need to always purchase items at discount.