Debit Cards

Debit cards are being used more often than ever before.   Credit cards have been the fad years ago, but since debit is easy to use and help prevent debt, almost any retailer will allow debit cards from customers.

Simply put, a debit card is a “plastic card” which lets you withdraw money from some type of account, usually a checking account.  Banks and credit unions often offer people debit cards which can be linked to their checking accounts.  They can just sign up for checking, and if approved, they’ll have a debit card which they would treat it like cash.  Then those customers can make deposits into their account, and as long there’s enough balance, they are free to use their card at almost any retailer, depending on the company that issued the card.  People can also withdraw money from their checking account at most ATM locations using their debit card.

*Debit cards can prevent debt

One amazing advantage of debit cards is that they can help you stay out of debt.  You’ll be at risk of overspending if you don’t use a credit card properly.  Debit cards will prevent you from going over the limit. Just go ahead and try to swipe the debit card at a register when there’s no money in your checking account.  The machine won’t let you make the purchase because of that.

*Debit cards work like cash

Debit cards are just like cash.  They definitely come in handy when you’re out shopping and don’t like carrying so much cash in your purse or wallet.  Some people do lose cash while out and about.  They can just stick their debit card into their wallet, and protect it at all times, not losing any money. 

*Debit cards are treated like credit cards

Debit cards still work like credit cards.  Debit cards can be used at gas stations, grocery stores, department stores, and much more.  You or the cashier will swipe the card, and then you’ll be asked for your personal identification number before the purchase.  Whenever you need to make a hotel reservation, some type of charge card is often required.  Debit cards are now allowed.  You can use your debit card to make a deposit for rooms, as well to cover any hotel expenses.

Using a debit card is simple to do and will make you feel like you own a credit card.  Debit cards won’t increase your credit rating, though they will prevent you from overspending.  Since it looks like a credit card, please keep the debit card with you at all times, and use it carefully to avoid identity theft.