Debt Forgiveness for Education Loans – Yes

 The youth of America are more worthy of “bail-out” that those big financial institutions. When I was in college, my federal loan had the stipulation that I repay my loan by helping out the country- teaching. Each year I taught, I had one year of my loan forgiven. I think our youth need forgiven loans even more than I did back in the 60’s because today’s job market is so bleak.

In order for the United States to regain its economic strength, we need to help the future bankers, doctors, teachers, and economists with their debt. After all, these loans were made in good faith, but then our economy collapsed. Let’s help them start off with debt-forgiveness, so the money they make moves right into the economy. Debt-forgiveness could also set their sights on higher education that might have been out of the question.

Along with the debt-forgiveness, let’s give our students a jumpstart with a federal job. Make it easy for them to apply for positions with the government. Get them into the post office as mail carriers. Give them government jobs that use the strength and fortitude of youthful bodies. Put them with contractors for building projects. At the least they will have entry jobs and make some money, if not the amount they thought they would make. Many young people start off with really high salaries that took their parents years to earn.

There is no reason today’s youth can’t make it in today’s world, but giving them a little boost by forgiving the loans they took out for education would be one way to show them that their country needs them. It would help instill loyalty to country as well as loyalty to our economy. We need to rethink our manufacturing status and make jobs for them. We need to make clothes and shoes again and other ordinary goods that have been farmed out to other countries. Let the youth of America take pride in our industry and products.

All in all, helping the youth of America start off debt-free will help stimulate the economy. We need youthfulness in all walks of life. Many people have been laid off from jobs they’ve had for years and have opted for retirement, so there should be plenty of entry-level positions available. This helps the employer as well as the new employee. Let the older, more experienced workers take those McDonald jobs; they’re better at relationships with people and more conscientious about service than young people. Teens shouldn’t be working those jobs, anyway. They should be in school learning how to become better providers/workers.