Debt Management after the Holidays

Despite the most diligent plans to stay within a budget during the holiday season, somehow it never quite turns out that way.  The best-laid strategies may have gone awry just days before the holiday.  But there is hope; there is always hope that this year will bring fresh promise, opportunity, and a new sense of wisdom that will carry people through the winter months and into spring unencumbered by debt and its ensuing worry.

During these winter months of January through March, how do many people spend their time as they wait for blissful and blossoming spring?  They stay inside, of course.  But what types of practical money-earning and saving tactics and activities could take place during the wait for warm weather?

The Second Income

Instead of sitting inside and stressing over debt, consider ways to meet the challenge.  For example, take a second job on the evenings or weekends that will work flexibly around a full-time career.  Consider these off hours (i.e., nights, holidays, weekends) to work, for example, as a home health aide, a customer research telemarketer, or a shelf stocker in stores.  Also consider that besides the extra income, the diversion will diminish the worry surrounding debt.

Inexpensive or Free Past Times

Most people will feel compelled to stay in during the winter months rather than go out to a movie, restaurant, or show.  Make these stay-at-home months valuable and enriching by renting movies and books from the local library, or honing other skills through hobbies, crafts, or other forms of artistry (e.g., puzzle, artwork, hook rug).

Hone Writing Skills

Spend time on writing articles to earn extra money.


Do tax returns as soon as possible.  What better way to bring in some needed income than by receiving a tax return that could be applied to debt.

Stay out of the Stores

Extra time can equate to boredom, and many people may be compelled to shop to fill the void of the winter months or fight loneliness.  Find more practical ways to spend extra time.  For example, find meaningful volunteer opportunities in the local sector.  The important idea is to do something, anything, to stay out of the stores.


In a bookkeeping fashion, write down extra earnings along with credit card debt.  Work on applying the earnings, first, to the credit cards with the highest interest rates.

Here comes the Sun

Before spring arrives those who have followed this or a similar disciplined guideline will find themselves free of debt and worry.