The best way to manage your debts is to not have debts that you cannot easily pay within a reasonable time. However, in times of severe price inflation that could be an impossible task. The stock market crash of 2008 and what appears to be the worst depression within the United States of America since the “Great Depression of 1929” is making a whole lot of people extremely nervous, if not bankrupt and homeless.

The result being that a whole lot of criminals or alleged criminals were already found within their Wall Street offices. They granted mortgages to people who they knew would eventually default on their mortgage payments. Yes, and they helped matters along by simply raising the interest rates on all of those ARM mortgages that they themselves created. If I was a home owner who was taken in that way I would burn to the ground the home that I once loved and one day expected to own free and clear.

You see, besides losing your home, you also lose the equity that your home accumulated for you as the years past. That is why speculators can buy repossessed properties from the banks or those mortgage loan companies for pennies on the dollar or get some such really good deal when the mortgage lender is in financial difficulty.

Instead of giving TURF funds to all of those financial institutions, our elected politicians should try to discover their criminal behavior, if such is the case, and send all of those criminals to prison, if found guilty, for the rest of their lives.

Those huge increases of the prices for everything that keeps us healthy and alive could very well be the cause for millions more people to be homeless. We ourselves are criminals if we create debts that we will never be able to pay back. Such is the case when the politicians allow such questionable conduct of the people who own and/or control our financial institutions and those huge multinational corporations.

No doubt, instead of receiving TURF money and some such financial support, those people should be given a free place to live within a Federal Prison. If you do not like what is happening to you, report such alleged criminal conduct to your elected politician and/or local law enforcement.

You most certainly must demand positive and meaning solutions to the financial problems that every citizen within the United States of America now faces. The majority must put an end to the legalized extortion that is being committed to all of us. From my point of view, to give money to alleged criminals so they may continue to transact business as usual is also a criminal act, if not outright treason. Be wise and pay cash, if possible, for everything that you purchase. Create a spending budget and adhere to that budget as best as you can.

WHO did you vote for in 2008? More important, who did you vote out of Public Office in 2008?