Deciding on more Severe Punishments for Sex Offenders and Child Abusers

We as a country are a misguided and often times a bewildering entity. There are many hypocrisies and failings in our justice system in which accomplishes nothing more than the wasting of time, money, and success in conveying the idea of a crime being unattractive to those who wish to commit them. The main problem with our justice resides in the apathy in giving appropriate rehabilitation to sex offenders, child abusers and criminals in general. Our current system merely seeks to punish and perhaps rehabilitate through this punishment which for the most part, fails given the trends that criminals follow by repeating and/or committing more crimes of varying degree.

In addition, our legal system has fallen victim to the capitalist plague that besieges and devours our country from the inside as the pursuit of monetary power and success as overtaken the natural desire to improve oneself for the better. How is one to change those around them if one is not right within themselves? If one is not aware of how widespread the pursuit of wealth has pervaded and corrupted us as a country, consider this: people who run prisons make much off the prisoners as they provide cheap labor for companies who pay these owners to use the prisoners, colleges have a predilection towards those who can pay full tuition as opposed to someone who can’t but has promising potential, top high schools and colleges will cast a blind eye to some students who are a financially advantageous to them such as sports players of basketball and football even if they are taken to court for crimes. How can proper judgment be cast when the eyes judging are influenced by a system with such dishonorable intentions? 

Sending a sex offender or child abuser to jail does not help their problem. Murders, thieves and drug dealers go to jail also and needless to say, these people have nothing in common with sex offenders and child abusers other than they are all failures of society. This is not said to insult them or ridicule them, for a simple fact of life is that not everyone can exist and live a functional part of society as history has shown us. 

A more severe punishment for a crime does nothing but instill fear and yet this fear simply is not enough to keep a sex offender or child abuser from engaging in their vice since their dark deeds stem not from natural means. By this I mean they are not doing what they do because they have a family to feed or are starving to death and need something to sustain them, they weren’t harassed and finally snapped and decided to get revenge on people, they don’t live in a situation where certain illegal activity is for survival; my point is that their prior cause for their behavior is stemming from a justified standpoint.

Sex offenders and child abusers have all suffered trauma that distorted their brain’s thinking to deem their behaviors acceptable and natural. Given such circumstances, a jail system simply cannot succeed to remedy the issue of a sex offender or child abuser. Therefore, it calls for not a stricter punishment but a solution that comes at these people as mentally disabled persons rather than as criminal who broke the law.