Deciding whether to Apply for Disability Income Insurance

There are many myths surrounding the application process of disability income insurance, and it’s about time some clear thought is applied to the subject!  Disability income insurance is what some people have to apply for if they become disabled and can’t work, for whatever reason.  For the most part, however, the reason for applying for disability income is medical.

If a person can’t work anymore, then they have the option for applying for disability income.  This is an insurance option that the person has paid into, and when and if the time comes that the person is sick, or becomes disabled, then applying for disability makes sense.  There is no age restriction for application, but usually people have worked most of their lives and have become disabled.  But applying for disability doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get it!  What?  How can this be?

In fact, the application process and the ultimate receipt of disability is a frustrating, agonizing process that can take many years.  The reason is that the federal government is hopelessly overloaded and bogged down with an enormous number of applications.  The statistics are not encouraging, as it seems that over ninety percent of people that apply for disability get turned down!  It’s amazing, but true!  How can a person get turned down for something that they’ve paid into?  The reason is that in order to receive disability, the proof of that disability has to be concrete medical evidence.  The fact is that the government doesn’t make it that easy to receive disability, and they would rather have a person that can work, work.

But the fact remains that for people who can’t work, sometimes their only economic alternative is to receive disability payments.  And after all, if they’ve paid into the system, they should receive it!  It is insurance, and it’s something that might become necessary in life.  So if a person applies for disability and gets turned down, which is likely, they shouldn’t give up!  That person can apply again, and in order to better the odds, it’s best to get a disability lawyer who specializes in disability cases to win the case.

The reality is that, after the appeals process, which might take a few years, the person will have to go before a judge to prove his or her case.  Most people by this time are approved as long as they have irrefutable medical evidence that they are in fact disabled.  It’s an agonizing process for sure, but one that is necessary if the person needs to receive disability income!