Deed Poll as a Method of Changing the name in UK

A deed poll is a legal contract signed only by a single party declaring that the person in question would undertake certain course of action pertaining to a name change. However, as with any other legal contract, the deed poll is also signed in front of a solicitor witnessed by a third party. Although the deed poll can be used for many purposes by individuals as well as by companies, it is generally accepted that the deep poll illustrates the undertaking by the signed individual for a name change. Therefore, a deed poll drawn up to change someone’s name is specifically given the name ‘Deed of Change of Name’.

The three main declarations within a deep poll

In order to be valid, a deed poll needs to contain three main declarations and should be signed, dated and witnessed. The three declarations include abandoning the use of the former name, using the new name at all times and the necessity to address the person signed using the new name only. Furthermore, the deed poll should also carry the official stamp of the solicitor or the agency, which undertakes drafting of the same and its execution.

Validity of a deed poll

Once formulated and executed, the deed poll should enable a person to prove that he or she has changed his or her name. The document should be recognized as legally valid by government departments and agencies, companies and organizations, as well as in the event of issuing a new passport to a person who have changed his or her name. The document is also valid for all British embassies and high commissions around the world.

The process of forming a deed poll

The process of applying for a deed poll can be relatively complex and in this regard, the help of a qualified agency should ease the burden to a certain extent. However, issuing a deed poll would carry a fee and sometimes the issuing agents may also charge an approved fee.

Thus, in order to start the process of creating a deed poll, one can find a specialist agent, a solicitor or undertake the same by one’s own-self based on the guideline issued. Accordingly, enrolling a name change in the Royal Courts of Justice would require the change of name deed form (deed poll), statutory declaration, a notice for the London Gazette, affidavit of best interest, which is used when enrolling a change of name for a minor, and the fee. Given the above requirements, it may be somewhat difficult for a person to handle his or her own name change and therefore it is advisable to seek the support of a professional in order to obtain a deed poll.