Defining Financial Freedom

Have you ever had a job you absolutely hate but can’t quit? How about a passion to do something else, but no stomach for the lifestyle changes your dream career would require? If you answered yes, you know the definition of financial freedom by process of elimination.

Financial freedom is being able to follow your passion without regard to how you will pay the bills. It is being able to walk away from a job situation without fear of consequences.

For example, I enjoy painting rooms. I love the way the paint covers every imperfection of the wall. I enjoy looking at the finished product and knowing it is something I did. A few years ago, I seriously considered making painting my full-time career. I did some research and found out, unless my husband almost doubled his salary, we would not be able to pay the bills if I quit and became a painter. It was an interesting moment I realized I was enslaved by my financial situation and I vowed to change it within the next 5 years.

Today, I no longer have a desire to become a professional painter; however, I do have a new desire. I want to go to law school. It turns out, my plan has worked. By the time I will start school, we will have enough saved up to make for a comfortable cushion and I will need little more than a temp job to make up for the loss of my salary.

This may seem like a small accomplishment if your definition of financial freedom is to be able to jump on your private jet and fly to Nice for the weekend. This however, is my idea of freedom. The ability to work when and where I want to and for my husband to be able to do the same.

Ultimately, I hope to be able to work for causes I believe in without any salary and my husband to do the same. With a little focus and planning, that is very possible. Then we will be truly, completely free. Until then, at least I know I will not be stuck in a horrible job with no hope of escape. At least I know I have that freedom.