Developed Countries with the Highest Crime Rates

Crime is a concern for everyone regardless of the country you reside in. We are all concerned about the safety not only of ourselves but of our family and friends. We lock our doors and close and lock our windows. Many of us have alarm system installed and would never do without them. Others of us have a family pet like a dog to if not scare away potential criminals then to at least provide a warning that someone who doesn’t belong is in the house. Whatever it is we are all concerned about protection for our loved ones.

 How safe are Americans when compared to other developed nations? If we look at all crime and compare it with what is happening to the north of us in Canada we fare poorly. In nearly every aspect of crime Canada is a much safer place to live and raise a family.

The murder rate in the Canada is second in the world but America is 1st among developed countries. Whereas Canada’s murder rate is negligible in comparison. If you look at murders with firearms again the United States is number one. This dubious status is the result of having far too many guns in society. Countries where there are fewer guns have fewer murders. The United Kingdom for example has only a handful of murders with guns and that is a direct result of having strict gun laws. The United States of America has a massive number of murders with weapons; the numbers are near 10,000 while the numbers in the UK are only 14.  

The same is true of nearly every crime category. Part of the reason for this is an easy access to weapons but there is more to it than just that. Population size must also be part of the reason for the huge crime rates experienced by Americans. The more people the more of these people will be inclined to find an easier way in life and that easy way is often seen to be associated with crime.

While the USA holds the distinction of being number one in many crime categories the country also has the ability to turn that around should they decide to as a society. The problem is that too many Americans believe they have a “god given right” to various things and that is where some of the issues lie.

The United States will likely continue to remain with such numbers unless they decide to do something about it and only the society as a whole can change things.