Disproving the Myth that Taxes are Illegal

Taxes are illegal? I don’t think so. Look at the evidence. The original concept of taxation was twofold, at least in the UK, was to redistribute a small portion of the wealth of the working and upper classes to aid those in society who are unable to help themselves as much as they wished. The second reason was to provide an infrastruture from which all of socity would benefit, no matter what their standing in life. A national health service free for all; home services such as refuse collection, street lighting; social services so that those in trouble had somewhere to turn; a justice system that protected us all from those who would harm us and our families.

No it is not the taxes that are to blame, the original theory was just and honest. It is the governments that have lost their way. If they were to put their house in order, instead of wasting the resources that we have provided them with, that original concept could be achieved. Instead they pay £500 plus an hour for consultants, and hundred’s of thousand’s to committees to advise them on projects, most of which end up grossly over budget, our money, our taxes for the benefit of society as a whole. Take for example, the national health service. The hierarchy and management structure is so overweighted, that if you cut it in half the organisation would still function efficiently, but think of the money that would be available to distribute to advance medicine and help those who really need it instead of lining the pockets of those who don’t.

No it is not the taxes that are illegal. They and the concept are eminantly fair. It is the managers of those taxes who are at fault. It is they who squander and abuse the money and the trust that we endow them with.