Do it yourself Ideas to Reduce Electricity Costs

Electricity costs can skyrocket during the cold winter months, making mouths drop wide when they receive their electricity bills in the mail. Fortunately there are many easy, do-it-yourself ways to cut costs of electricity at keep your bill at minimal prices. Use these tips this winter and you will be able to keep more of your hard earned money in your wallet!

First, ensure that your doors and windows are all sealed tight.It is easy and cheap to buy a tube of caulk to patch up any spots where air can seep through, causing a huge increase to heating costs. Draft guards are also sold at a low cost at stores such as The Home Depot and Wal-Mart and can keep air and cold out. Caulking can be a job the whole family can get involved in. 

Some people may opt to install energy-efficient wondows and doors instead,which can pay for themselves in savings in just one year’s time. Switching to Energy Star products are a great way to minimize costs on your electric as well.You will find the Energy Star technology on many products, including freezers, hot water heaters, and refrigerators.

Another way to slash your energy bill is to set your thermostat. Adjusting your temperatures in day and night can help trim as much as 20% from your electric bill.That’s as much as $200 in a year! There are programmable thermostats that can adjust the temperatures for you, costing about $75.It is recommended you set your thermostat to 70 degrees.

 Do-it-yourself pros can also eliminate unnecassary energy costs by installing installation in their homes. Installation is a cost-effective way to reduce your costs as much as 30%! Installation should be applied to pipes and other heating  ducts inside of the home.This is especially helpful in the  winter months.

Switching the light bulbs you currently use can save money!How simple is it to change a light bulb? With the dramatic savings you will notice on your electric bill, this simple step is a great idea. Energy saving light bulbs cost just a fraction more than traditional bulbs, and also offer more natural lighting. All of these bulbs offer a long life,and depending on the bulb you choose, may last a lifetime. 

Start with one or use them all! These tips are sure ways to reduce your monthly electric costs in the winter months,and they are so simple anyone can do it.