Does it really Pay to Save for Retirement – No

Should you spend your life saving for retirement while trying to maintain your current lifestyle? Well, no! Once you have decided you are not going to retire and semi-instead it is important to establish this at an early age. Saving for retirement is a difficult task in a poor economic condition. You spend the majority of your life missing out on the things you would enjoy for retirement only to enjoy retirement for 10 years depending on your genes. Here is why I think you should not save for retirement.


Saving for retirement causes undue stress because if you are put in a situation where you have to dip into your savings all your hard work goes un-done. Weathering the storm becomes difficult because you do not want to dip into your savings account. When saving for your retirement you have to rebuild years worth of hard work in a short time period. You may be teased by your peers in the short run but working part-time comes in many forms. If an unexpected event happens when you are retired going back into the workforce will not be pleasant.


When you decide to semi-retire you can enjoy the indulgences of life without feeling bored. Once you have accomplished everything on your to do list you will be bored. Working part-time comes in many forms such as working seasonal working x amount of days a week or x amount of hours a week. When working seasonally you can change jobs when you want and you can enjoy benefits of newer companies. When staying with one company there are many cases where they may not keep up with times or do not offer the best benefits. There are seasonal jobs which allow you to travel for free.


When choosing to semi-retire your health is usually in better condition because you have the proper time off to address the situation. When you choose to semi-retire you do not have to worry about running out of money. When people retire sometimes things come up and you have to compensate for it. Retirement your benefits can become costly as well as other things. When working you can pick companies which offer the best benefits for you.


When you retire and blow through your money you will reach a point where you did not realize the traveling you planned to do got old really quickly. When you are working you have a different appreciation for taking vacations. Traveling when retired you have to be conscious of how you spend your money because it can run out.

Most people argue you should save for retirement. Since you can no longer rely on the government saving for retirement is becoming more difficult. It is up to you to decide whether saving for retirement is best for you. Good luck!