Domestic Violence – Yes

Just think about the obvious, abusive spouses most likely look for other ways to hurt their “loved ones.” I think they should be denied the right to bear arms because it would only entice them to accelerate to further measures of possible murder. Spouses that abuse already possess deadly weapons.  

Either using their bodies or things around the house that they may use to hurt their spouse. I believe that domestic violence offenders should pay the price of their actions in jail and rehabilitation. Most of the time the accused abuser does not change, they are full of self power and anger.

The rate of domestic violence has risen in the past years. Some of it is due to the drug use in our country. Drugs drive people to do things they would never imagine doing but they still have to pay a price. To bear arms is not the answer.  

By passing this law, maybe the domestic cases would decrease substantially. Hurting another human being is a crime whether or not they is marriage involved. No man has the right to lay his hands on a woman for any reason. What happened to a civil conversation.

If the abused is feeling trapped, she/he should seek help. They are many groups that deal with this issue. The best thing for her or him to do is to leave. I understand a lot the abusers are afraid to leave but at least they can leave with their life instead of being buried. Some men are just so mean and overbearing but us women can prevail.

This day and time it seems that the Constitution is changing. It is a shame but with the current events we face daily maybe some provisions should be changed. I am not saying to limit law abiding citizens their right to bear arms but to make it more difficult for others with spotty personalities to obtain the same right.  

Non-violent felons have no right to bear arms so if an abusive person is at question, the answer for them should also be no to bear arms. The non-violent felons should have a review to be able to protect themselves, for goodness sake they are non-violent. Violent offenders should lose more rights than simply bearing arms.