Don’t Count out Real Estate just yet

Home Staging Assists Laboring Housing Market
Author: Teri Woods
Home Stages Designs

The San Francisco Chronicle stated in an article published in January 2008 that Bay Area median home prices and sales volumes experienced significant declines in December 07 and the price drop was the largest year-over-year decline since February 1993. Homeowners needing a sell are in a downward slope that offers them little hope in the waning current market. Even with the Fed dropping interest rates houses are languishing on the market at alarming rates.

The Chronicle sites: “The sense of stalemate is reflected in ballooning inventories and the length of time some properties languish on the market. A Zip Realty analysis of MLS data showed that inventory levels in Bay Area counties were up 23 to 99 percent from a year ago. But now that the mortgage market has put the kibosh on many higher-end home sales, the median is sliding. “It seems like home buyers are waiting for the ideal property; something that doesn’t need any upgrading.”

Now more than ever home sellers need resources that they can turn to and count on to assist them with marketing their home. With the over flooding of existing homes on the market one must concentrate on making sure that their home stands out in the large crowd. To accomplish this they are looking to home enhancer’s aka: Home Stagers to prepare their homes to appeal to all tastes within the potential mass of buyers out there. Hiring a professional to come in with an objective view is essential to the home seller. Well-trained professional stagers can transform an ordinary home into a marketable property utilizing their professional talents to enhance a home from the inside out. More and more home sellers are reaching out to home stagers and reaping great rewards for their extra mile in showing their homes to picky potential buyers. Buyers have a multitude of inventory to choose from right now and staging a home prior to listing is one avenue of help.

Home Stages Designs offers many resources for the home seller and the home stager. With a large library of interior design and home staging instruction e-books, products and even Home Staging training one needs to look no further for assistance. Always looking out for the home sellers and home stagers, we can be reached at

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