Don’t Lose your Home to a Foreclosure Recovery Scam

This is the new scam going around. It is bad enough that many homeowners are in foreclosure, now these crooks are no better then the lenders. A lawyer is your best interest. I have seen some of these people in action. They tell you that they can get you out of the foreclosure, but in reality they are actually making it worse. These people tell you that you don’t have to pay your mortgage anymore, just give them the payments and they will take care of the rest.

What the homeowner does not know they are being scammed. These people claim that they have lawyers working with them. When you give them between 1,000 to 2,500 down it is not refundable. Guess what! You have to do all the work. Now you are father behind in your payments. They claim it takes six month to settle with the lender, and when that time goes buy they would send the homeowner a nice letter saying that they were not able to help you with your problem. They could refund half your money back? You are left standing there saying; “what just happened?”

In trying to contact the so called lawyer that worked with them, the lawyer says they never heard of the company. You just got scammed. The first thing you need to do is check the Company out on the Better Business Bureau. See how many complains they have had or if the company just started. If they just started, chances are they are one of the many scams that are in business now. Ask to see a reference of someone that they have already helped.

I had a friend who turned down one of these so called companies. Here is what happened. She called this company because they claimed they have been in business for ten years? They came to her home in less then twenty minute of her phone call. The broker who came with this so called lawyer looked at her loan docs. Now the broker claimed that he was a minister also and that he has helped everyone at his church? She sat at her table listening to this B.S. The broker showed her a booklet claiming that they have helped many and that she could have her house free after the so called lawyer beside him to the lender to court.

Now here is the scam. She had to give them 3,500 down and pay 5% what what her taxes were every year? Which came out tro be 2,700 a month? Which was more then the mortgage that she is paying? She told them that she did not have that kind of down payment. The7y asked could someone co-sign for her? She knew that there was something wrong. She told them that she would talk to her son and call them back. After these con artist left she looked the business up on the Internet. The company had changed there name several times in the past few months. They also seemed to be moving from town to town, and county to county. Another note is why bring “God” into the picture?

Getting help for the homeowner is an up hill battle now. It is not bad enough that this messed has happened, but there are more scams being made on the homeowners. Where is the justice in all of this? Why are these people allow to walk the streets and open a business knowing they are going to scam more people. This is why we have a mess on our hands in the first place.