Don’t Overspend

How about that old refrain “I just can’t wait to buy that product even though I don’t have the money right now”? That is probably at the top of the list when it comes to overspending.  In fact, many people are in trouble with their credit cards because it is a lot easier to just whip out the plastic as opposed to parting with cold, hard cash.

Since it seems we live in a “I have to have it now” society, problems with overspending are abundant.  How else to explain why so many people are in debt and are over their heads with credit cards?  One of the major reasons of overspending is the “keep up with Jones” mentality.  Many people think that just because their neighbor bought a new car or a new TV, they have to run out and do the same. This is a sure ticket to the poorhouse, and gets so many people in trouble just so they can say that they have the same item as well.

Compulsion! Let’s face it, some people can’t control themselves when it comes to spending money. A person doesn’t have to be a shopaholic to suffer from compulsion, though that is one of the main reasons. Again, I have to say that credit cards are to blame when it comes to compulsive shopping. It’s just not that easy to remember how much of a limit there is on the credit card, and it is so easy to just pull it out and swipe away! For those who can’t control themselves while shopping, try leaving the house without the credit card.  Use the cash you have designated for the shopping trip and you will soon find that you will think twice before you purchase.

Overspending is a disease. There is an old saying that is appropriate for the times we live in, which is “Waste not, want not”.  In order to curb the compulsion to overspend, if shopping by necessity isn’t a habit, then make it a habit because it is a good one!  Sooner or later many of us find that we really didn’t need to purchase that extra gadget for the house. We can get by without it quite well, thank you. Is it any wonder why there is so much waste out there?  Even though America is still one of the richest countries in the world, we are slipping fast.  We waste too damn much!

Here is a tip for the next food shopping excursion: Try going through all your kitchen cabinets and see if you can plan a few meals out of what you have.  If you need one or two items that you don’t have, then put it on the shopping list and stick to it! You might find you can reduce your list by half at least.  And don’t take the credit card with you!